battle killer tiger

Battle Killer Tiger

Attention: Very heavy, challenging, long gameplay!

A game in 12 operations with the tank Tiger 1 and Tiger 2, the "King Tiger". The tank Tiger was far superior in WW2 very modern and all other tanks. His armor and his gun with the resounding projectiles taught the enemy to fear. Only with cunning and many victims, this rolling fortress could be defeated on the battlefield. These games, playing in the desert, where even the German commander "Rommel" was one of his slaughter.

This game is the start of a number of other killers and the Giants (Panther, Sherman, T34 ...) from the past of WW2 ...

Everything can be destroyed: tanks, houses, walls, fences, trucks, bunkers, silos, storage, Hanger, ships ... even trees can be knocked over - all in real-time physics.

Take command of 12 missions from simple to difficult.

Good luck soldier!

Gamer 244.883

2012 - 07 / 2024



  • There about 1500 Tiger 1 and Tiger 500 were built 2 tanks
  • A 8.8-cm KwK 36 L/56 and 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 gun
  • Range 100 km 170 km
  • Speed ​​32 km / h and 38 km / h


Version: 1.6

Recommended system requirements
- 2 * 1.0 GHz processor (Core))
- 1 gigabytes (MB) of RAM
- 30 MB
- Android 4.# or higher
- OpenGL ES 2.0
- HD display



battle killer tiger

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We remember the victims and their families through these killer machines, the second of Produced World War, has been killed or seriously wounded. It may never again be a war, not yesterday, not today and certainly not tomorrow. There is never, ever a reason for a war or armed force!