battle killer stuka

Battle Killer Stuka

Attention: Very heavy, challenging, long gameplay!
An airplane hunts game with 18 missions in 3 operations. Stuka from the 2nd World War I flying from the aircraft carrier "Graf Zeppelin" sea to fulfill missions. Fight with destroyers, battleships - as the "Prince of Wales" - but also faces should be removed from air. It starts easily and is very difficult. It is also a story that is drawn through the missions, to the total destruction of a seaport, with the help of the "Bismarck". This game is the start of a number of other killers, and Giants (Yamato, Missouri, Hood, Bismarck, ...) from the past of WW2 ...

In the demo are 3 missions to play, the first 2 DRILL surgery, exercises 1 mission from the full version.
3 of having it already in it.

Have fun.

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2011 - 05 / 2024



  • It was the 2nd World War II - built about 5000 Stukas.
  • A siren was installed that gengnerische pilots should be intimidated.
  • Equipped with a twin machine gun MG 81.
  • The time of the Ju-87, several models (A, B, C, D. ..) built.
  • Bombs with great accuracy and armament of 500 KG to 1000 KG.
  • It was used for ground attacks in the airspace were the opponents faster and more maneuverable.


Ab Version: 1.6

Recommended system requirements
- 2 * 1.0 GHz processor (Core))
- 1 gigabytes (MB) of RAM
- 30 MB
- Android 4.# or higher
- OpenGL ES 2.0
- HD display



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We remember the victims and their families through these killer machines, the second of Produced World War, has been killed or seriously wounded. It may never again be a war, not yesterday, not today and certainly not tomorrow. There is never, ever a reason for a war or armed force!