battle killer stuka vr

Battle Killer Stuka VR

Attention: Very heavy, challenging, long gameplay!
An airplane hunts game with 12 missions in 3 operations. Stuka from the 2nd World War I flying from the aircraft carrier "Graf Zeppelin" sea to fulfill missions. Fight with destroyers, battleships - as the "Prince of Wales" - but also faces should be removed from air. It starts easily and is very difficult. It is also a story that is drawn through the missions, to the total destruction of a seaport, with the help of the "Bismarck". This game is the start of a number of other killers, and Giants (Yamato, Missouri, Hood, Bismarck, ...) from the past of WW2 ...

Have fun.

(Translated with Google All, Thank you)



  • It was the 2nd World War II - built about 5000 Stukas.
  • A siren was installed that gengnerische pilots should be intimidated.
  • Equipped with a twin machine gun MG 81.
  • The time of the Ju-87, several models (A, B, C, D. ..) built.
  • Bombs with great accuracy and armament of 500 KG to 1000 KG.
  • It was used for ground attacks in the airspace were the opponents faster and more maneuverable.


Ab Version: 1.02

Recommended system requirements
- 150 MB
- oculus go
- Android 5.1 or higher
- OpenGL ES 3.0



battle killer stuka VR


We remember the victims and their families through these killer machines, the second of Produced World War, has been killed or seriously wounded. It may never again be a war, not yesterday, not today and certainly not tomorrow. There is never, ever a reason for a war or armed force!